Meet the ForeverJoy Creative Team


It's no secret that I always seek to add a bit of soul to each of my designs- a message that will uplift you a bit.  Sometimes its playful, other times, a bit deeper- but always its something joyful. Joyful goes beyond happy- it's deeper- it's being filled with a thankful and appreciative contentment of the moment and recognizing the gifts it contains.  Recognizing the joy in the everyday is what helps keep you going, even as the storms rumble around you. I work hard to share that message everyday- 

But a message  can not be delivered unless it is translated- and I am so very blessed to have these artists on my creative team.  They are an integral part of ForeverJoy- and never fail to inspire me with their uplifting work!

Here are their beautiful faces- I invite you to see how their artful souls shine through in their layouts on my Pinterest boards